About Turnabout Entertainment

Turnabout Entertainment is a website I want to do for a living.  Well, not for a living, but as for something for the side.  I want to turn this more than just for webshows, but for blogging, and news I discovered on the internet.  I also do let’s plays, and want to post my share of my opinions when it comes to these sources.

I will provide blogs for anime and gaming materials to the table, so you guys can digest through the source materials.  In other words, it’s all for fun, and come on!  Video games and anime are meant to be for fun, am I right?

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Mike Maverick (real name, Michael Laffitte) is the owner of the website, Turnabout Entertainment.  He’s been working on a life long dream to become an actor at the age of 18.  Due to low budget, family issues, and mostly the support of help out his late mother, Mike struggles to make a break through in acting.  After successfully succeed of reciving a GED, Mike went to college at Jones County Jr. College in Ellisville, Mississippi.  He wants to take up arts, but mostly change his major to general courses.  By the time his mom was ill, he manage to drop out of college to take care of her and the household, working at 2-3 jobs, but been laid off on 2 of them, and was terminated from one of them.

Ever since he was in college, he decided to get into film-making and want to expand on something he enjoys the most; gaming and anime.  He watches anime reviews and video game reviews, to the point he wants to create his own series, the SRS Gamer show.  He made 4 episodes of the show and it didn’t go too well because of the lack of improvement and bad quality values to the point of negative criticism.  After that time, he dropped the SRS Gamer, and was building he Mike Maverick persona in 2009.  During 2010, he discovered the Ace Attorney series, and was drawn into it, that he has to make a company called “Turnabout Entertainment.”

During his times of struggling, he’s still a voice actor in training, and an amateur actor from numerous of webseries and fandubs, and mostly spend most of his time doing graphic designing for videos and other projects.

Now he’s working for numerous of websites:



Shrinetime Entertainment

The Game Toon Zone

Brain-Dead Gamers (coming soon)