Ace Gamer Live Schedule – for June and July


It’s finally here!  The actual Ace Gamer Live schedule for June and July!  I’ve been working on a revamped schedule for a while and see how it turned out.   I have been coming up with schedules and schedules and schedules for quite sometime and some isn’t seem to satisfy me due to newer games coming out, alot of games I looked at for a while, and too many things going on in real life.  Now that the VODcasting on Twitch is available, and mostly find a way to check out other fighting games instead of focusing on just ONE fighting game, I willing to try my best to keep it in variety instead of playing just one game until finished with another.  I also will be able to stream on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 1 pm ish.  Yeah it contradicting to the schedule I have right now, but I will start earlier so I can get some games off the schedule and start with the next one.  Anyways, Ace Gamer Live schedule is up and ready!

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