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Ace Gamer live

Ace Gamer live blogs is a blogging for my upcoming live streams and and schedules for the Ace Gamer Live streams.

Now the Ace Gamer live stream sections are the streams I will be doing daily, but as a well said schedule will be in play.  Not yourself, just because I’m streaming doesn’t mean that I will stop working on the Ace Gamer show and other content here on YouTube.  As of right now I’m on a tight budget, saving up for a better computer with a processor that handles live streaming, recording, and rendering.  At this time, I will work what I have until I get it.

I also wanna thank TaroMaster for donating Skyrim for the PC, which I will be added to the Ace Gamer Live schedule along with Dark Souls (since I finally got X-Box Live Gold for three months.  I’m prepare to get invaded).  I also wanna thank EarthStar99, Bobbert33, and Darry21 for donating games for the past couple of years, and I will try my hardest to keep a daily schedule!  If…Roleplaying and drawing isn’t going to get in my way. lol

Anyways, I will be streaming on Twitch, and if something happened to Twitch, then I will use Hitbox TV as a backup.  Now, it’s my fault for being to skeptical because of the whole Twitch/Google debacle back in August of 2014, but there’s one individual who will remain nameless happened to confront me in a douchebag manner about how I’m “a bandwagon hopper” instead of confront me in a mature adult manner.  Now being a destructive prick is not going to help people improve. Now what he do after I told him “there’s a line between destructive and constructive criticism?” He make troll accounts just to attack me and my friends.  Sir, that was uncalled for and I already know who he is.  So not only I blocked him, but banned him from my streams.  This is one crap that’s intolerable to my streams and social media.

Now that’s off my chest, new changes coming to the streams and on YouTube, so I will keep you updated here on this blog section.


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