Regarding to my Test Run of SKyrim

the_elder_scrolls_v_skyrimLet me repeat myself “test. run.”  Now the test run of Skyrim looks great when it comes to running it on a crappy laptop I have.  Now this will be one of the games I will be playing next to Dark Souls, Mega Man X Command Mission, and some other games I will be streaming daily.    Now the addition to all of it, I have finally got a chance to stream in  852 x 480 quality thanks to the assistance with Nivdia capture software that I failed to look at in the beginning. LOL boy my face is red as hell!

Anyways, Skyrim runs better on my laptop, eventhough the laptop I’m using has a graphics card “ATI Radeon HD 3200” and it’s a 2 GHz processor dual core.  Right now I’m aiming for a gaming desktop, and I will keep drawing art work on my Tumblr page until I get it.

Something to get off of my chest.  When it comes to gaming, I need to get use to the controls before playing it through advance.  Now I don’t care if you play the game 600+ hours or so, if you want me to, I could experience the game mechanics myself.  I did the exact same thing with Dark Souls turns out there’s a game out there you can go through without holding people’s hands, and learning it through your own experience is a good process! Now I’m not saying “I don’t need your help”, all I’m saying is that let me get use to the controls first.

Ok, that’s off my chest, I will add Skyrim to my daily streaming schedule, more to come.

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