PC Engine Memories: Turbo Duo Edition – Ace Gamer Holiday Review


Do you guys remember the time you want a game for the PC engine and all of the sudden, the prices are so high on eBay and Amazon that you can’t afford it?  Now thanks to a small website called pceworks.wordpress.com, you can experience the quality of gameplay value on your TV for your PC Engine with the PC Engine Memories.

The one I already unboxed is the Turbo Duo Edition which has 4 games for the collection.  Those are the Dynastic Hero which is Monster World III in the PC Engine version, Dungeon Explorer II, Bonk 3: Bonk’s Big Adventure, and Godzilla which is the 60th Anniversary celebration.  These are the games that I will be reviewing for the upcoming episode of the Ace Gamer Show, and will be presented by the awesome people at PC Engine Works.


what comes inside the pack are 5 small cards or bookmarks and a proof of purchace coin for the PC Engine!


Now let’s get to unboxing, Now the package contains a lot of content for the hardcore fans of the PC Engine, which the people from PC Engine Works put a lot of heart and soul into this product.  The box design and layout is so spot on if you want to have this in your collection value.  Now a days, the PC Engine games are so hard to find and rare to collect that you will have trouble finding them, but thanks to the PC Engine Memories, you won’t be able to spend over 9000 dollars on a game for your PC Engine.


What comes with it are authentic manual design and CD design that goes along with it.  Especially the Godzilla one when they added the 60th anniversary of the Kaiju series, Godzilla.  Speaking of the giant angry lizard from Tokyo, there’s a special illustration art from Yuji Kaida.


Now one request I want from the PC Engine Works are the Valis series…ALL FOUR OF THEM!  I hope this will become the next installment of the PC Engine Memories, they already have the Japan works as well, but sadly, I missed out.  I just hope that they’re kind enough to make one so I can experience them too.



Now if you want to have all of this in your collection plus want to play some PC Engine games to your TV instead of going through rom sites, then what are you waiting for?   PC Engine Works is the place to go for the PC Engine Memories!

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